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NVS Activities

New Vision School is a bi-lingual school where all lessons (except additional languages) are delivered in Arabic or English as follows:

NVS pays special attention to school activities which have an important positive effect on practical and educational outcomes.

It also contains a lot of real theory practices that can relate to the students and that promotes effective communication between them and their peers; such as summer and non-summer vocational activities that match with the educational curriculum which are being practiced in and out the school including cultural, social and technical activities.

Most of these activities are done by the students (student council) within a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, through which the students will achieve the following:

  • Training in various arts
  • Mental preparation
  • Develop listening and vocal skills
  • Attaining confidence and self-dependence and promote the spirit of team work
  • Acknowledging the achievements of modern age
  • Strengthen social ties between school individual committee
  • Character building integrated with the promotion of Islamic values and translate then behaviorally